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Even though it is focused on always providing the best possible services to cooperative members and clients, the cooperative maintains close links with the local community. Committed to participating in environmental and social projects, it contributes to the building of a better society.
  Pedro Bernardes Dias Educational Center

This institution is responsible for providing education and assistance to children in the community. It helps children up to the age of 12 by offering social assistance and activities such as classes in dance, English, martial arts, computer skills, sports, games and a balanced diet. The Center has installations that are structured to provide a comfortable setting for the children and an atmosphere conducive to learning and play.

Expocaccer has provided support to the Educational Center since its foundation by the municipal government in 2001. In addition to collaborating in its maintenance, the cooperative participates actively in a variety of projects in the day care center and three employees hold seats in its board of administration, always contributing to the welfare of the children and ensuring the full involvement of the cooperative in this important initiative.

The Centro is located in the Amir Amaral neighborhood and takes care of 87 children. See below for further information:

Address: R. Aprígio Alves da Cunha, 3455, Amir Amaral
Telephone: +55 (34) 3831-3455

Coordinator: : Maria José Queiroz

Directors: :
Maria José de Souza Melo Jacinto
Cleudia Maria Rabelo Bernardes
José Geraldo Ferreira de Queiroz
Geraldo Eustáquio Miranda
Mafalda Xavier
Joel de Souza Borges Moreira
Osmar Aparecido Pereira
Júlio Falcão


The Program for Educational Sports Initiation (PROINDE) is an initiative of the Municipal Government of Patrocínio, through the Municipal Secretariat for Sports and Leisure, which has among its objectives promoting social rehabilitation and integration, education through sports, teaching of ethical, moral and citizenship values, as well as reducing school dropout rates.

Recognizing the importance of sport in social transformation, Expocaccer, in March 2009, became a partner in PROINDE, since the Secretariat for Sports and Leisure needs financial support from the private sector to implement the program.

The PROINDE is developed through a system of nuclei, composed of gymnasiums of the Secretariat for Sports and Leisure, and is executed by physical education instructors who provide sports training to children from the ages of 7 to 14, who must be registered students in the public school system, in the following modalities: masculine five-a-side soccer, masculine eleven-a-side soccer, masculine and feminine volleyball, and masculine and feminine handball.

  Environmental Responsibility (inpEV)

In 2003, Expocaccer entered into a partnership with the National Institute for the Recycling of Packaging (inpEV) and EPAMIG, the Agriculture Research Institute of Minas Gerais, to implement a Central Recycling Unit in Patrocínio. It receives the empty packages of fertilizers and similar products already used to be recycled or to be disposed off properly to avoid environmental contamination and to help protect nature and human health. Besides being responsible for the administration of the Processing Unit, Expocaccer also offers courses to create awareness about it in the community and among growers, together with EPAMIG and other entities of the Cerrado coffee system.

Among the awareness-building programs supported by Expocaccer, one of the most important is the National Clean Field Day, held from 2005 onwards. This event has become a tradition for the Center in Patrocínio, because on this day the institution opens its doors to visits from the population of the city and the surrounding region, especially school communities, receiving students and teachers in order to provide in-depth information about conservation of the environment.